Touble on the International Space Station

There is a problem with the cooling system on the International Space Station.  According to the BBC, the station’s cooling systems operate using two ammonia-fed cooling loops.  One of these shut down last night.  The remaining cooling loop has no back-up and repairs to the faulty cooling loop will require two spacewalks

Living in space is dangerous.  Thermal control on-board the ISS (and other space vehicles) is absolutely essential.  Without the temperature regulating atmosphere to protect them, people on board the ISS would be exposed to deadly temperature extremes.

Without thermal controls, temperatures on the ISS’s Sun-facing side can soar to 121C (250F), plunging to minus 157C (-250F) on the dark side, Nasa says.


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is exactly why I prefer to be grounded on Earth.

  2. Space travel always sounded awesome to me, but that was in Star Trek and Star Wars. In real life it’s freaking scary and I’m more than happy to stay right here on Earth until they get the kinks worked out!

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