PZ Myers is on strike.

This is terribly disheartening. Following close on the heels of several defections from ScienceBlogs, PZ Myers has gone on strike. I’m not linking to the post itself because that would defeat the purpose of the strike, but this is a very bad sign for ScienceBlogs and Seed Media Group. ScienceBlogs is a great resource with blogs on all sorts of topics ranging from physics to paleontology to science-based medicine. Pharyngula brings in roughly 40% of the traffic to the site, so without him the whole network may go under. SMG doesn’t seem to get this. Their entire approach to the bloggers that provide the content driving all of those page views is one of neglect. If you neglect those who work for you long enough, they’ll leave. Hell, SMG has apparently been behind in even paying the bloggers their share of the ad revenue.

Now, I’ve been reading Pharyngula for five or six years and it, along with Panda’s Thumb, introduced me to the idea that blogs could have interesting science content and be fun.  Additionally, it was the community at Pharyngula that enabled me to feel comfortable calling myself an atheist.  That’s worth more than words can say.  Being at peace with your worldview (well, most of the time) is a singularly valuable state of mind.  So, I’ll  be awaiting news of the state of PZ’s strike, and I will be following PZ where ever he goes.  After all, we Pharyngulites are just a bunch of sycophants in need of an echo chamber. :)


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  1. The divide of Coke vs Soda is almost very similar to the divide of liberal vs conservative states. I wonder if there is any correlation between the two.

  2. Oh crap wrong thread lol

  3. Posted by 'Tis Himself on July 21, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    I’m undergoing horrible Pharyngula withdrawal. It was a place where, to quote the Wizard of Oz, I could “confer, converse, and otherwise hobnob with my brother wizards” and sister witches. There are other blogging communities but Pharyngula suited me admirably. I have a dormant account at Guardian Talk (which has a large number of Americans posting) and another at Snopes (but I was never really happy there, I’m not sure why). I could probably find somewhere to fit in but they won’t be Pharyngula.

    Oh well, we must muddle on somehow until PZ goes off strike or sets up his tent elsewhere.

  4. Posted by JeffreyD on July 21, 2010 at 4:05 PM

    Hiya and a wave to the Loris of Pygmy. Just making contact in case the strike goes on.

  5. Hi ‘Tis!

    I’m already going through massive Pharyngula withdrawal, and the strike (along with needing the money like mad) ensured that I would say yes to the 20 hours of overtime I’m working this weekend.


    Hiya right back at cha! If the strike goes on I’m just going to have to visit everyone else’s blog all the time. I really like the community over there and I don’t really post many other places.

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