This whole blogging thing.

Living is a small town in the Midwest has its good and bad points.  Of the bad points, the worst for me is the freaking religious right.  I’m constantly surrounded by people who think that their worldview should be privileged over others.  As a result, I feel infuriated much of the time, and that is why I started this blog today.  Obviously this is a short introductory post with virtually no content, but I hope to have more in the next few days.  Thanks for checking me out.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Pygmy Loris, I suppose this is where most of our interaction will be now since Pharyngula is in cyber limbo now.

  2. Looks like it. I’m so freaking sad. You must come visit me here though, and I will visit you. This can work. I know it can. ;)

  3. Definately lol

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